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Who we Help


Weight loss and or obesity is not a easy subject to talk about. It's very private and heart felt by many. It takes the right type of person to help you care for your needs. It takes a person who has lived through what you are going through and someone who understands where you are coming from. And it takes a strong person to have your back when you need them there with good bed side manners. I enjoy helping people and giving others the tools and confidence to move their lives forward. Giving people the one on one private attention they need to win at weight loss. All conversations and clients will be help with the up most respect and privacy. Listening to other peoples stories and weight loss challenges can be heartbreaking at times. That's why it takes someone who really cares about people and through all the rough times we somehow find daylight and positivity in the process.

From Powerful Talents to Proven Profits LLC we work hard at listening to our clients needs. We know how through the fight of your life we try to keep it positive nd to lift our clients up through the struggles that they face. In our 90 Day program we offer weekly one on one calls with the client and email and text support. I do everything to stay in touch with you and to help you to improve your life and get the results you need. Personally I understand the restrictions and limits you may have with your body, mind and motivation, and when you don't feel well. Together we can shape the life you choose and focus on the vision you have for your new weight loss lifestyle. 

Together with the love of God and me there to hold your hand through all of it. The days when you cry and feel miserable and the days you are smiling from ear to ear with hope and excitement. Through thick and thin and the emotions of embarrassment we get you to a happier and healthy place. Where you can begin to see how you can lose weight on your own. Where you have a plan in front of you and videos and guidance to build you up to a shinning start I know you are. Where you feel the healthier you kicking in and the fight to be lessened by your hard work and determination of love for yourself. You start to win at weight loss. You begin to dream about your weight loss goals and strive to get into those skinny jeans once again. 

I believe everyone has a chance to be all they can be. You just have to believe it yourself. Maybe you never have been thin or never owned your own pair of skinny jeans. If that is you. There is a great hope for you right ahead of you and you have to be willing to grab it. Dream Big!

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"You either take control of your  weight or it takes control of you. It’s that simple."

My Mission

My weight loss journey before this program has probably been maybe somewhat like yours. I tried diet after diet, exercise plans after exercise plans, Drank nasty shakes, tried green tea diets, store bought meal plans, starve myself with no results. Nothing seemed to work for me until I got focused on myself and dug deep with myself as to why I ate like I did. Why I seemed to sabotage myself when I got emotional. I had to learn about myself again and I had to start loving myself more to feel that I was worthy to receive the goodness of weight loss. Through the process of many applications in the program, I was able to lose the 40 pounds, get stronger, gain back my health, and recover from lack of mobility. And because I learned with the step by step process so others can follow along and do the same. In the program is a healthy way to eat fresh fruits, vegetable's, and whole grains that focuses on high proteins that give the energy you need to succeed.

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