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Mini Mini Me Course is a five day course that is packed full of information to help you get started on your weight loss journey. Taking charge of your weight and losing a few pounds can have great rewards for your health. In this class you will be given the tools to transform your daily life into a healthier routine that can impact your lifestyle. You have the power within you to put yourself on a new path.


The five videos contain:


1. Taking Charge of your Weight - Melt Obesity

2. Getting rid of old stories and Negative self talk - Melt Obesity

3. Brain Fog & Exercise a daily movement - Melt Obesity

4. Focus on yourself to get the results you need - Melt Obesity

5. Tips and Hacks to Fight Obesity - Mel Obesity


With each video it will give you ways in which you can have greater success at weight loss if implimeted. You determine your outcome and you can work at your own pace to get the rewards you want. A great starter course for people who don't want to have a Coach just yet but need fast results and a quick guide to master the rewards. 


This course is not for people who have already found a path to weight loss. This course is for those who don't know where to start and are overwhelmed with all the information out there and need a starting point. A little motivation to love themselves deeper and bring hope and comfort to their lives. 


Through this course I hope you take each day to watch the video several times befor moving on to the next days video. Get all you can do to get everything out of the viodeo's and follow the exercises that can improve your life moving you forward to your best self.


Much love to you all and I wish you great success!!!!!


Mini Mini Me Course

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